With Jeter or Without Him, HURRY BASEBALL!

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Looking out my window at the endless mounds of snow, I find I am where I was a few years ago:So, in the midst of all of this peacefulness, all this wonder, it seems strange that my heart is filled with a longing for something else: I am desperate to watch baseball.Even as I extol and enjoy this silence, I am already ants-in-the-pants to hear the crack of a bat, the whiff of a ball into a glove. In counterpoint to this clean, cold air, I want to smell salty hotdogs and warm beer. I want … [Read more...]

A few small predictions for 2015

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Over at National Review, they've asked a number of writers and speakers, "What happens in 2015" and there are six pages of responses -- some of them really entertaining.Based on a few famous (or perhaps infamous) predictions of my own over the years, I was invited to participate, too!What were those predictions, you ask? As best I can recall the chronology -- and if I had more time I'd get them out of the archives:I predicted George W. Bush would nominate Harriet Miers to the … [Read more...]