Cardinals Gagged; We’re asked to Pray; Let’s Talk Vatican Diaries – UPDATE

On his new blog, John Thavis explains how and why information from the General Congregations in Rome just got harder to come by:Sister Mary Ann Walsh...said in an email: “Concern was expressed in the General Congregation about leaks of confidential proceedings reportedin Italian newspapers. As a precaution, the cardinals have agreed not to do interviews.”In other words, because some anonymous cardinals fed Italian reporters a few details about their discussions, a gag order now applies t … [Read more...]

“The Vatican Diaries” is one great read – UPDATED

Vatican Diaries

There is an old saying: "if you want to know what is really going on in a city, ask the cabbies; ask the doormen." Watch the main players in all of their theatrics, but talk to the people no one is noticing, because they notice everything.John Thavis, Catholic News Service's recently-retired Rome bureau chief, spent a quarter of century watching the Vatican main players and seemingly talking to everyone, and all of that has translated into a thumping good read. His timely book The Vatican … [Read more...]