The Worth and the Witness of Women Bloggers

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I meant to write about this earlier this week, but I got distracted by something stupid and ultimately not worth my time.This, however, is worth your time, and not at all stupid: a terrific piece from Lisa Hendey, who looks at female Catholic bloggers and how their motivations and sense of mission can evolve as they move forward:In an age when many discount the role of women in the Church, I hold an opposite perspective, one edified by personal relationships. Indeed, Pope Francis … [Read more...]

Lisa Hendey, the Accidental Innovator

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You might call her an "accidental innovator". When Lisa Hendey tried to digitally explore better ways to be a Catholic while raising a family, she couldn't find what she needed. So she created it. As she writes in her new book, The Grace of Yes, "I went looking for answers, and when I didn't find them online, I bought a domain name and some of those For Dummies books about the Internet and launched"The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Since its inception, … [Read more...]

In the Land of No, “Yes” is a Most Dangerous Word

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Its so much easier to say "no," isnt it?No, I cant change; no, I cant give up this person, or this opinion, or this thing. No, I wont do this; no, I cannot deal...Its is such a "safe" place, the Land of "No." You never have to step out of a comfort zone.It's very safe, but also very sterile. Here is what I wrote about the word "no" and its impact on the spiritual life, in Strange Gods:What has “no” ever created, besides Hell? And what is Hell founded upon but the “no” born of a … [Read more...]

If you missed Lisa Hendey’s Rwanda Journaling…


If you didn't have a chance to see them -- or if perhaps you only saw one or two come through your social media timeline, and not the rest -- please do take some time this week, perhaps over a long cup of coffee, and read the excellent journaling Lisa Hendey did throughout her trip to Rwanda.Lisa, who has partnered with Catholic Relief Services for a couple of years, spent an intensive week in Rwanda after being chosen for an Egan Fellowship, and the pictures and stories she has delivered to … [Read more...]