Having it all: Liz Lemon Can’t Do It Either – UPDATE


"Sandwich Day" is one of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock. On the set of The Girlie Show, "sandwich day" is "the most magical day of the year," says the slovenly writer, Frank. It's the day when the Teamsters treat the staff to sandwiches purchased from a Brooklyn deli whose location is kept a strict secret. When the greedy staff eats Liz Lemon's sandwich, she flips out:The writers beat the Teamsters in a drinking contest, get a new sandwich for Liz, and she tries to bring it past TSA … [Read more...]

Ghost Write the Pope, for a Day!

This is strange and wonderful:Have you ever dreamed of writing one of the Pope’s speeches? If you’re a fan of Vatican Insider, you might have thought once or twice, “I would have said this,” or “I would have said that.”Now, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation is giving everyone a chance to step into the shoes of the papal ghostwriter and write a speech for Benedict XVI to give to the German Parliament during his visit to Germany next September.Joseph Ratzinger’s country of birth is already abuzz … [Read more...]

Oprah's Final Show – UPDATED

Over at National Review they're running a Symposium exploring whether Oprah Winfrey's long-running talk show has been a net-positive or negative for the nation.I participated in the symposium, along with Charlotte Allen, Cal Thomas, Suzanne Venker, Danielle Bean, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, Pia de Solenni and many others. It makes for a very interesting round-up of opinionsMy own response was quickly dashed-off and had I taken more time, I believe I would have stricken the too-easy joke at … [Read more...]

"You mean radio…" -UPDATED

Performer Liz Lemon in HighDefMy husband is lounging about watching old episodes of 30 Rock, and he's hit on the Dealbreakers Talk Show episode, where Liz Lemon is prepping to debut as a talk-show host, and she's excited:Jack Donaghy: "Yes well, it's really happening for you Lemon. Between TGS and this, you're like a swarthy, big-hipped Kelly Ripa!"I've been listening in the background and identifying in a bit way with Liz Lemon who, upon telling people she is prepping a show keeps hearing … [Read more...]