Quantum Levitation and Faith Levitation


In our foyer is a small, beautiful icon of Our Lady of Good Counsel, and the icon has an interesting story behind it:Each year on April 25, the feast day of St. Mark Genazzano’s patron Saint, a fair took place near the church of the Mother of Good Counsel. On that day in 1467 towards the evening as the fair was beginning to end a white luminous cloud appeared over the village. The cloud descended on the church of the Mother of Good Counsel. The bells of the old tower began to ring by t … [Read more...]

Helping You Get Enthused…

...because that's what I do!I know you know October is dedicated to the Rosary, and that is why I have directed you here and here over the past weeks. So, today, let Pat Gohn dispel any idea you might have that the rosary is the prayer of blue-haired old ladies:I have an aversion to being called a "Rosary rattler." But to those who know me, this isn't news.That was the name the local hipsters dubbed the so-called blue-hairs kneeling before Mass petitioning the Blessed Virgin … [Read more...]

October Gift: Renew Our Rosary Appreciation — UPDATED

The wonderful Dominican Nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary have produced this really lovely video to help us appreciate the Holy Rosary and to deepen our abilities to ponder the 15 fundamental mysteries they entail. I enjoyed it very much, especially the lovely soprano voices!UPDATE: The sisters did a quick adjustment to the video as they note here. It's been updated here. Sister Emailer informs me that the first version was "elongated" which she didn't exactly mind (hey, a girl … [Read more...]

Kathryn Jean Lopez, Lepanto and More

Kathryn Jean Lopez and I recently commiserated with each other about how life as a writer/editor seems to translate into: "if you are awake, you're working". One need only look around the internet, or check the speaker's schedule around the DC area and in New York to see how busy Lopez is, and yet she's taken the time to contribute a piece to Patheos' Book Club:One of the saddest of sights, to me, is a locked door on a Catholic Church. Mercifully, I find them infrequently. And, all over the … [Read more...]

Our Lady of Charity Senora de la Caridad

Today we remember the Nativity of Mary. I like the words of St. Andrew of Crete, which read read in today's Office of Readings:Justly, then, do we celebrate this mystery since it signifies for us a double grace. We are led toward the truth, and we are led away from our condition of slavery to the letter of the law. How can this be? Darkness yields before the coming of the light, and grace exchanges legalism for freedom. But midway between the two stands today’s mystery, at the frontier where … [Read more...]

Assumption of Our Lady — UPDATES

Pope Benedict XVI: Praising Mary is a response to Divine ProphecyDavid Mills at First Things:The Assumption of Mary is a difficult matter, from the Protestant point of view, because the traces and hints in Scripture are not easily found, unless you assume that they are there to be found, which somewhat defeats the purpose of using Scripture to convince anyone else. Pius XII said only that the dogma “is in wonderful accord with those divine truths given us in Holy Scripture” and that "va … [Read more...]

You don't want to miss these…

I know, I know, I said the Summablog would take the place of multi-link posts, but this time indulge me, because these are all things you will want to read and since they're all Patheos things, you know...old habits and such....First up, On the battlefields and in the hospitals, soldiers on both sides of the Civil War owed their consolation, and sometimes their limbs or their very lives, to the that most exotic and mysterious of creatures: the Catholic Nun.Next, Tim Muldoon writes a … [Read more...]

Making Love in the Light

My column at First Things for the upcoming Feast of the Ascension:It is this onenes Father Barron describes when he writes of the “interacting and interpenetrating fields of force” that are heaven and earth, constantly commingling, and within the church embodying a true encounter between bridegroom and bride. That is considered archaic language, I know — Flannery O’ Connor called it “a metaphor that can be dispensed with” — but the brilliant Ms. O’ Connor was uncharacteristically off the mark i … [Read more...]

Stabat Mater Dolorosa

At the cross, her station keeping+ + + + + +Mary’s role in the life of the church, in the Christian experience did not end with the deliverance of her placenta and the taking of her ritual bath. Rather, Mary – The Mother – walked with and monitored every part of her son’s life (as mothers do) and his ministry. Far from being a toss-off, a mere minor player in the story of Christ and the Christian experience, Mary’s life is as entwined with Christ’s at his death as it was when he was … [Read more...]

Annunciation; Restoration Calls – UPDATED

The Annunciation by D. Werburg Welch"I am the Lord, there is no other; I form the light and create the darkness; I make well-being and create woe; I, the Lord, do all these things. Let justice desend, O heaven, like dew from above, like gentle rain let the skies drop it down. Let the earth open and salvation bud forth; let justice also spring up! I the Lord have created this." - Isaiah 45;7-8As we head into evening, we prepare for tomorrow's solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. This … [Read more...]