Don't Fear the Translation

Via Msgr. Charles Pope -- very well done. Cute kid, too! … [Read more...]

The Applause at Mass has to Stop

Katrina Fernandez has one of those posts up that makes you want to cheer and staple to the doors of a church.Kids are already told every day in school their self esteem and self importance is more valued than being literate. Now they get to come to mass and have Fr. Well Meaning reinforce this narcissistic behavior too. Forget that other guy. What's his name. Oh right. Jesus.It was so bad these masses began to embarrass my son. He sang in the choir because it gave him joy and he liked … [Read more...]

Dowd's Yips Derail Even Her Praise – UPDATED

Seems yesterday was my day for writing about female journalists. Last night I was late to the Anthony Weiner/Andrew Breitbart story, barely having time to observe Barbara Walters diminish herself by allowing her hate to overrule her sense. Before that, I was filing my latest column for First Things, which looks at how Maureen Dowd -- whose whole career, latterly, has been about stone-throwing and filtering hate through pop-references -- has so ruined her pitching mechanics that even when she … [Read more...]

Accept Almighty Father – FOUND!

A couple days ago I awoke with my memory ringing back a hymn from my childhood that I had not heard in likely 42 years, and which I could not find on google.Happily, a twitter-follower, HeyJulieo found the hymn, with the melody I remember, in the 1966 Parish Mass Book - St. Joseph Edition.Can we please have this wonderful, singable, instructive and reverent hymn back? Please? … [Read more...]

New Mass Translation; Discerning Success – UPDATED

Pondering the (in my humble opinion unduly controversial) new English translations for the Holy Mass, Russell Shaw wonders how many people today are equipped to recognize success, even if it succeeds.That's a good question. In many ways, the "new" translations are a harkening back to the more-literal Latin-to-Vernacular translation that I and many in my pre/post-concillar-straddling generation first learned and then had to quickly relearn, once the "Spirit of Vatican II" came to the fore:My … [Read more...]

Holy Eucharist, Humility and Flannery O

My column at First Things this week looks at the story of Father Augustin Escobar, the California priest who recently had his priestly faculties suspended for concelebrating Mass with a Presbyterian minister. As few details had yet emerged as I was writing, I stuck to the question of closed communionThere exists an odd double-standard concerning Catholic observances and almost any other ritual. Culturally nuanced and sensitive Americans would never presume to attend a Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, … [Read more...]

New "Gloria" for New Roman Missal

Having long begged my musician sons to please try to compose a singable, non-bombast-filled-nor-sickly-sweet-nor-plodding "Gloria" to replace the two (just two) versions all of the local parishes have used for at least three decades, I rejoiced to see a new "Gloria" being made available in accordance with the soon-to-be released revisions to the Roman Missal.I admit, on my first listen of Jeff Ostrowski's treatment, I was not sure I liked it.On re-listening a few times, I have decided that … [Read more...]