A Failed Voyeur to War

This is a silly story about a sad story. In January of 2005, American troops opened fire on a car that turned out to be carrying an Iraqi family. Both parents were killed outright, the sons was badly injured. Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros snapped an image of the daughter standing in the blood spatter. Half-blanketed by darkness, she is reduced to pairs of tiny feet and hands, and a wide-open, screaming mouth. The New York Times has tracked the girl down. In "Face That Screamed … [Read more...]

Spitzer-take; In the Arena?

To the surprise of no one, Kathleen Parker is departing CNN's Parker/Spitzer; Kathleen Parker, the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist who co-hosted CNN's 8 p.m. show, is leaving just five months after the show debuted, the company announced Friday. "I have decided to return to a schedule that will allow me to focus more on my syndicated newspaper column and other writings," Parker said in a statement. She said she enjoyed her time on the show "Parker Spitzer" with former New York Gov. Eliot … [Read more...]

Egypt: As Vague as We Wanna Be – UPDATED

Photosource In 2003, when the United States liberated Iraq, an older Iraqi man related his vision of what life would be like without Saddam Hussein.“Democracy!” he shouted. “And whiskey! And sexy!” Yes, but perhaps with a Middle-Eastern, faith-based spin that intellect-based Washington could never quite grasp, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, and now, not in Egypt. My column at First Things takes a look at Egypt, and the nearly impenetrable vagueness that has surrounded the story of … [Read more...]