To My Mother, the Reluctant Catholic

BY MAX LINDENMAN -- GUEST POSTMy mother is the best Catholic I've ever known. That might sound a little strange when you consider she hasn't been to Mass since the fall of 1962, but there is is.While raising me, by herself, in Manhattan of all places, she was stewardship personified. When we moved to the City in 1979, she was working as some kind of sub-sub-sub-editor for the company that published The World Almanac and Book of Facts. I don't know what her salary was, but it was low. … [Read more...]

The Metamorphosis of Motherhood

Don't tell my sainted mother, but tomorrow I plan to blog a tribute to her. For now, here are some articles of more general interest.Here, my Patheos colleageue Pat Gohn discusses, the psychological, moral and spiritual transformation that goes with becoming a mother:The sacrificial side of motherhood first becomes evident during a pregnancy. A woman yields her body and wellbeing that a child may take shape and develop, as it changes her shape and her calendar forever. While a biological … [Read more...]