NY Times Writes in Favor of Complementarity

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Via last Sunday's edition: Ballet is built on moments of trust and connection like this one. Partnering is an essential part of telling a story, creating an emotional undertone and suggesting the deeper implications of the relation between two people, traditionally a man and a woman. The man’s assistance allows the woman to create an impression of freedom and amplitude, as her range of motion expands. In her book “Balanchine Technique,” the former New York City Ballet dancer Suki Schorer. . . wr … [Read more...]

“The apostles had wives!” Well, Peter was married, but…UPDATED

Father James Martin is a very kind man and a joyful priest who loves his vocation and will tell you that priestly celibacy is a discipline and gift that has enabled him to form deeply intimate, lasting friendships with with all kinds of people -- friendship that, removed from the flesh and the material, is free to seek out the God-element in each person, and to love with the mind of Christ.Many of my celibate friends feel similarly, whether they are priests, religious or layfolk. Their … [Read more...]

Wealth Porn, Cognitive Dissonance and the Grey Lady

Dick Meyer has an excellent piece up at the CBS website, one of those, “finally-someone-put-into-words-what-I-have-been-thinking” sort of pieces that fling you back into your chair with a satisfied sigh and reassure you that you haven’t been merely imagining things.Every weekend I meander through the New York Times like a mildly ADHD-afflicted canine in Central Park, one who moves excitedly from plant to tree to park bench because there is just so much to sniff. And every weekend I finally cl … [Read more...]