Obama's Malaise Speech – UPDATE

I have long-wondered whether President Obama actually understands anything about this country or the people who elected him. In 2009 I wrote:One senses that the nation is not alone in wondering -- that perhaps President Obama himself has no clue who he is, not as an American man, and not as The American President. For decades Obama has gotten by on elegance, a retiring demeanor and the ability to make people see their reflections in him. The first two are gifts; that last is a symptom of a … [Read more...]

The Waning Trust in the Press — UPDATED

A while back, I asked my very frustrated mother-in-law why she voted for Barack Obama, and she shrugged, "I could only go by what I heard."She meant the nightly network news shows, which she and Pop watch or listen to while they bustle around the kitchen.It didn't matter that a sister-in-law and I had both warned her that Obama was inexperienced or that she might not like his policies. We were not the press. We were not the people who write headlines and speak with solemn surety before … [Read more...]

"You must love me…"

Jim Treacher, having a little fun about our president's need to be shown the love.When I read the "if you love me" headlines, all I could think of -- fairly or not; contextually accurate or not -- was Evita; the Movie!I wonder if I will be reported to Attack Watch for, you know...comparing the president to a yet another meh film performance by Madonna?Where do we go from here? This isn't where we intended to be We had it all, you believed in me I believed in … [Read more...]

NY09 Anoints, NYPost Disappoints

So, New York's congressional district #09 is in Republican hands for the first time since 1923 -- one of the surest electoral bets in the world just threw craps.As Nathan Detroit might say, "so, nu?"You know this is big, because as soon as it happened, Democrat national chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, "It's a very difficult district for Democrats.''Suddenly losing the Jewish voters who have consistently voted Democrat over there? Pheh. Darling, it's not important; it should not … [Read more...]

"Up-to-$800" My Precious!

I have to be honest, I don't really understand this:The president’s Labor Day speech in Detroit featured an assertion that contained a number of warning signs that it might be an errant fact: “biggest middle-class tax cut in history.” [. . .] We decided to put the president’s claim to the test.We took an informal survey in our office and asked people what they thought the president’s statement meant. Everyone agreed he was claiming the biggest tax cut in terms of dollars.Imagine our surpr … [Read more...]

Dear POTUS: If we can't believe you on civility…

Dear Mr. President;I understand you have a huge speech about job-creation coming up this week; the speech is so big, in fact, that it requires a venue that is somewhat out-of-the-ordinary for a simple policy speech. Some have suggested it is a do-or-die speech; that you'll really have to convince the country that you have a plan, and not just a plan, but a bold one. And not just a bold one, but one that is actually feasible.Well, I hope for the best, but I have one question. When you get up … [Read more...]

Labor Day Look at Obama on Jobs – UPDATE

Inconguity, incongruity. Incongruity on its face!"OBAMA'S ENRON": the Solyndra failure has Rich Lowry wondering: Bush was flayed for Enron. Where does that put Obama and his green-energy pet?A gentle reminder: "Bush's Enron" was, in reality, much more "Clinton's Enron." Ken Lay golf-partnered with Bill Clinton and Lay, along with a number of Enron execs, traveled to India with Clinton and eventually profiting from the trip. And I mostly shrug about that. But I think it's worth remembering … [Read more...]

Let Obama Speak Before GOP Debate! UPDATED

The White House's disdain is palpable and so is the attempt to build a narrative:The speech will fall on the same night Texas Gov. Rick Perry makes his debut on the GOP 2012 debate stage. The Republican presidential field is set to take part in a debate, also scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif.Asked whether the speech was purposefully scheduled the same night as the Republican debate, White House press secretary Jay Carney said "of course not.""It is … [Read more...]

Postcards from the Edge

So, the GOP has a clever idea -- or they've stolen an idea the Dems had during the Bush years, I am getting old and can't remember -- but you can send Obama Vacation Postcards to your pals.I chose this one because it's a twofer; it jeers at Obama, and the Boston Red Sox, so it's kind of irresistible.And before my friends on the left take umbrage and being wagging fickle fingers of righteousness and calling me out for being "mean" or making fun or whatever -- please spare me. You don't really … [Read more...]

Obama's Buses Ordered Last Year. Why?

Glenn Reynolds and Ed Morrissey are writing about the completely out-of-touch optics coming forth from a White House, that -- despite the president's much vaunted, 3-day "listening" tour of the heartland -- appears to be staffed with aliens from another galaxy, who really don't understand why these earthlings aren't loving their shtick.Reynold's notes that Matt Drudge is having enormous fun with these spaceman optics, where text and visuals make the messages clear to all but the … [Read more...]