Bristol Palin at Patheos?


Wow, when Kathryn Jean Lopez arrived here in the Catholic Portal, we thought that was pretty big news!But the Faith and Family portal, run by Nancy French (and which features our own Marcia Morrissey's column, and perhaps some more Catholic voices, soon) has big news, too: a new blog by a single mother who goes by the name Bristol Palin -- she calls it, simply, Bristol's blog; a site about "life, family and Alaska." I like the header which looks to be a shot of Bristol Bay?Regular … [Read more...]

Rita Cosby and the Secrets of her Father

Over at Christopher Closeup, Tony Rossi debuts his first podcast since coming to Patheos, and it's a stunner! Journalist Rita Cosby, talks to Tony about her father, whose mysterious past had colored her world from an early age; it is one gripping interview!It was Christmas Eve, 1983, when the future Emmy Award-winning journalist and best-selling author heard her mother, Adda, and father, Richard, having an argument. Richard told them he was unhappy and was leaving the family.The … [Read more...]

You love your kid? Too bad! UPDATES!

It's really too bad that you love your three-year old daughter who needs a kidney transplant, because you know what? We're not giving her one because she's retarded!:I begin to shake. My whole body trembles and he begins to tell me how she will never be able to get on the waiting list because she is mentally retarded.A bit of hope. I sit up and get excited.“Oh, that’s ok! We plan on donating. If we aren’t a match, we come from a large family and someone will donate. We don’t want to b … [Read more...]

Encouragement for Frightened Women

Katrina Fernandez, writing passionately and from the heart, with a message to unmarried pregnant women who think they can't possibly handle being a single parent:Financially, you may argue, it will be impossible to raise a child alone. You’d be surprised how little a child really needs. All that baby stuff, you don’t need it. Also, your future child will not care in the least what kind of car you drive, house you own or rent, whether you or they wear designer clothes or own a smart phone. Al … [Read more...]

Barone, the Puppeteer and the Credentials FlimFlam


I agree with Michael Barone, in his defense of the "pampered Puppeteer":Conservative bloggers and commenters have been making fun of [Joe] Therrien, who quit his job as a drama teacher in New York City public schools to get a Master of Fine Arts in puppetry at the University of Connecticut.Now he’s saddled with $35,000 in student loans and unable to find a puppetry job. So he’s substitute teaching at half his former pay and is a member of Occupy Wall Street’s Puppetry Guild. [...] … [Read more...]

The Illusion of Perfect Life


When we were all young mothers, one of my pals phoned me sounding blue. It turned out her life wasn't what she believed it was supposed to be. She adored her little 18-month-old son almost to distraction and was trying very hard to be the perfect wife with perfect husband, the perfect mother with the perfect son. She felt she was failing, because her life wasn't all coming together "just so." Her son, a biddable, gorgeous little kid, wasn't expressing the tiniest interest in the potty. "But the … [Read more...]

Kitty Update and Weekend

A book of Saints for catholic moms

Thank you all, for your prayers for Kitty. She is heading into a second CAT scan as they are concerned about something; she is still feverish and for some reason they are concerned about her heart rate, so things are not yet where we'd hoped they would be, by now. I'll keep you updated, but please know how much your prayers are appreciated.This weekend will be very busy, and I am not sure I'll get much time for blogging, but I do expect I will be hieing over here to post something, so do … [Read more...]

The Mercy of Adult Children

A long while ago, I wrote about -- in separate pieces -- about my birth mother and father. With the distance of time, we learn mercy, and certainly when we have children of our own -- upon whom we practice parenthood with many mistakes and lots of regrets -- we come to realize that the broken people who raised us (in my case people whose childhood was full of material and spiritual deprivation) literally did the best they could, and you find solace and understanding in that.But sometimes you … [Read more...]

"Be not afraid…."

Lisa Mladinich on the stage fright of teaching religion:The afternoon I registered my daughter for her first-grade religion class, I had no intention of signing on as a teacher. I was too busy writing a novel and working as a freelance puppeteer. I simply made the mistake of volunteering to "help out," since I'd be waiting around for her anyway, and got roped into teaching her class.I walked out of the parish center with my heart in my throat.Yeah, the old "you're going to be here anyway, … [Read more...]

"One More Innocent…"

When my son Buster was a small toddler he would make up these epic, anthemic songs that made sense only to him. One of them, as I recall, had a refrain that went, "bear's not, bear's not, bear's not dead..."Sing it to Amy Grant's "Every Heartbeat." Somehow it works.Another of his songs -- and it was the show-stopper, full of emotion and broad, dramatic arm gestures -- included the interesting sentiment that there was "one more innocent to go..."He was like, three years old. So I have to … [Read more...]