The End of the Beginning

Goodbye Bear

So, here we are - my time as a guest blogger here at the Anchorhold has come to an end.I have to emphasise the extent to which this whole thing came as a bolt from the blue - a random act of grace. I emailed Elizabeth to get Leah Libresco's email address because I was trying to see if she'd give a talk while she was visiting Ireland. Leah ended up doing the talk (we're still talking about it), and I ended up doing a guest post for her blog while she was over here. Then Elizabeth invited me … [Read more...]

Jesuits and Women: Helen Alvaré to America!

Helen Alvare

Hey, I was just joking when, on April 1, I said the Jesuits were about to admit women into the Society. Still, I was pleased yet tickled yesterday to get a press release announcing that Helen Alvaré would be joining the team over at America, as a contributing columnist.This is, by any estimation, "a good get" for America; it demonstrates the commitment of Editor-in-Chief Matt Malone, to move away from the bubbles, labels and the intellectual/ideological ghettos that we Catholics too often … [Read more...]

Dr. Greg Popcak at Patheos, “Faith on the Couch”!


If you listen to Ave Maria radio, you already know Dr. Greg Popcak from the "More 2 Life" radio podcasts he hosts with his wife, Lisa, in which they apply Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to the practical challenges of everyday life.But if you're not so familiar with "Dr. Greg" Popcak you very soon will be, because he seems to have a lot of energy, and while we're "officially introducing him to you today, he's already posting rather prolifically at his new Patheos blog, which he c … [Read more...]

Patheos lands a Gyrene!

From the halls of Montezuma and so forth, Patheos has happily taken aboard a Mary-lovin' Marine. Welcome Frank Weathers and Why I am Catholic to Patheos' growing gang of Catholic bloggers!He's rambunctious. He's energetic. We just brought him over and he's already written his second post!A few years ago, the Dalai Lama (seen above visiting Thomas Merton’s grave) was asked the question “what do you find most surprising about humanity?” His reply,Man. Because he sacrifices his health in orde … [Read more...]

Yes, Bad Catholic is coming to Patheos!

So many changes, I can't keep up! I still have press releases to write!Hey, did you see Crescat's new banner? It's great, isn't it?Where was I? Oh, yes, we're all bad Catholics, here, so it is only fitting that I should announce to you (since Marc has already done so on his blog) that Marc Barnes is bringing his Bad Catholic Blog over here -- possibly as soon as this Friday!If you are unfamiliar with Marc's blog, he is:I could lie to you and tell you I am making this move … [Read more...]

Mark Shea and Katrina Fernandez

If you missed the news over the weekend:Mark Shea's "Catholic and Enjoying It" can now be found, Here at Patheos.And Katrina Fernandez ("The Crescat") can be found Patheos, along with her essay, Shrews, the debut of her column, "More than Mortal Beauty"And the Patheos Book Club is talking two big books, with lots of new material being added each day. -- So check back each afternoon!Don't miss my interviews with Fr. Robert Barron and Brandon Vogt!Read Chapter One of … [Read more...]

Kat and the Crescat: New to Patheos

Well, when I announced that Mark Shea was bringing his blog over, I told you to watch for more developments -- at least four more, possibly ten.Well, here is the second: Katrina Fernandez, whom you might know as the Catholic-Cannonball-Award-conferring, art-loving, gut-busting Crescat, has announced that she'll be moving her always-entertaining blog to Patheos, within the next day or two -- she is unpacking as you read this!You can take a gander at where the new design is going (and bookmark … [Read more...]

A Golden Voice with a Word in Season

Every time I talk to Pat Gohn speak, I find myself marveling at the resonance of her lovely alto. She has one of those voices that belongs behind a microphone or a podium, and that -- coupled with her ability to reason smoothly and articulately -- makes her podcasts at Among Women such soothing, thoughtful programs.She's got a voice like rich honey.This week's podcast is not quite so soothing, however. Pat is mellifluous as ever but her guest is a bit on the hyper side and she can't shut … [Read more...]