Penn State, Paradigms and Poor Me

With all there is to read on the Penn State/Sandusky story, here are two excellent pieces that should rise to the top of the pile:Read Mark Shea on Betrayal and the Power of a Relationship:But though lots of combox warriors are quite adept at fantasizing about how bravely they would have behaved and how vile Mike McQueary is in comparison to their brave selves, how they would have taken a baseball bat to Sandusky had they caught him in flagrante, the reality is that, if the Milgram … [Read more...]

Pavone Story Still Murky

I got an email from someone the other day asking me why I have not written about the Fr. Frank Pavone story since the day it broke.The short answer is, because we really don't know anything more today than we did on September 13 -- things are still pretty murky, but this week, the water got stirred a little...which means it's even murkier.Pavone is still in Amarillo; contrary to hyper-dramatized internet reports that he is being held prisoner in a remote and horrible convent where he is … [Read more...]

Priest for Life Now International Association – UPDATED

I'm not sure what any of this means in light of today's breaking news, but apparently, as of yesterday Priests for Life is an International AssociationThe Pastoral Team of Priests for Life announced today that it has formed an International Private Association of the Faithful called the Gospel of Life Association. Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, explained, ‚ÄúPriests for Life has for some time now been a family of ministries. As we have grown and diversified, the work of these ministries … [Read more...]