The Future of Chesty McCheesecakes

Is this bad news for the president?Thanks to Max for pointing out that chest hair may be making a comeback!At least, over at Salon Tracy Clark-Flory is defending the hirsute and for that I say hurrah! Let the men look like men, says I!I see a man with hair on his chest and I think (or rather feel, because this is where my rational, feminist brain checks out): You man, me Jane. It's not that hairiness necessarily makes a man more attractive -- please, no one run out for pectoral hair … [Read more...]

Weinergate: Barbara Walters Loses Reporter Cred – UPDATES

I know, I know; I am the only blogger in the world, it seems, who is not writing about Anthony Weiner. Mea Culpa -- Mondays are my busiest day, and today I didn't even get to go to Adoration, so you know it was just unmanageably busy.I didn't even see the news when it broke! You guys know more than I do.But according to Ed Driscoll, it was a late-afternoon of awesome political theater!Watch video here. Pelosi is finally going to look into this.To my way of thinking, the saddest part of … [Read more...]

Palin vs Press Won't End Well – UPDATED

You know what? I don't like game-players, I just don't. I especially don't like them in politics, which is why I like so few politicians, any more.And it seems to me that Sarah Palin is going out of her way to play a game, here, and I can't say I'm admiring it. I know some do. I know some feel that the press has treated Palin very badly, and so she's entitled to treat them badly, too.Well, the press has treated her badly, even hatefully and I'm the first one to say it. They savaged her … [Read more...]

Katie Couric and the Gravitas Issue – UPDATED

Taking a break from his lengthy vacation Greg Kandra -- who during his long career at CBS spent some time toiling on behalf of Katie Couric -- argues that, despite charges of sexism, or Gail Collins' weirdly bar-lowering, denial-laden praise (which declared that as long as Couric didn't make it "worse" for women, she'd been a "total success") Couric was simply a bad fit for the anchor's desk, and that everyone seemed to know it but Couric herself, and Les Moonves. Noting with irony that the new … [Read more...]

Rethinking Meatless Fridays

Over at First Things, today, I note that the bishops of England and Wales are re-introducing the notion of the Friday Fast -- which actually never went away, but that is not how Catholics, or the world, came to understand things "in the Spirit of Vatican II." Specifically, the bishops are looking to re-establish meatless Fridays.Wrapped as I am in nostalgia, I rejoiced to read this. My mother was such a dreadful cook that our Fridays, with or without meat, were as penitential as any other day … [Read more...]

The New Trinity: Me, Myself and I?

According to the Times' John Tierney, some researchers are concluding that narcissism -- which they apparently define as self-centeredness and a tendency to self-promote -- is on the rise:Two of Dr. DeWall’s co-authors, W. Keith Campbell and Jean M. Twenge, published a book in 2009 titled “The Narcissism Epidemic," which argued that narcissism is increasingly prevalent among young people — and possibly middle-aged people, too, although it’s hard for anyone to know because most of the availab … [Read more...]

Is Society Purposely Messing with Boys' Heads?

A very thoughtful and surprisingly moving piece by Anthony Esolen, at Inside Catholic:Why, I wonder, do boys these days get no love? What have they done to deserve their treatment at our hands?Recently, a boy competing for his high school in the Iowa state wrestling tournament chose to forfeit his initial match rather than wrestle against a girl. He spoke about his decision with an admirable reserve and good sense, saying that wrestling could be a violent sport, and that in this case he … [Read more...]

Perpetual Adolescents in the Widening Gyre -UPDATED

I give you two rather different pieces, both sharing a common thread: the full-rein head we have given to all of our adolescent leanings.If the society has been dumbed-down -- and it has been -- it has also developed a case of arrested development, and both issues appear to stem from a generational and cultural mindset that has embraced the sensibilities and reason of 14 year-olds.Think about being 14, for a moment. When you are 14, you know everything, and you resent anyone saying you … [Read more...]

iPhone Confession; Verdicts Via NPR, Protestants

A few days ago I wrote about the new confession prep app developed by two priest and approved by the Bishop of Fort Wayne.While I thought the tool could be a terrific aid in the examination of conscience, I also worried that -- despite repeated declarations that the app did not constitute a confession, or dispense absolution, that it did not preclude the need to go to confession -- some would go through the app process and decide that, click, click, click, they had pretty much taken care of … [Read more...]

NY Times' Perpetual Lunchroom

I've always said the NY Times primarily -- note the qualifier -- featured a bunch of developmentally-arrested 14-year olds who have never been able to find their way out of the lunch room or the schoolyard, and these two pathetic pieces, showcased in what is arguably the most coveted real-estate in journalism, make the case.Gail Collins, the editor of the op-ed page, while writing about Michele Bachmann, takes time to affect a sneer because Bachmann can remember what she was wearing on a … [Read more...]