Transparency: Can you see the illusion, now?

As the great Edward G. Robinson might say, "How do ya like yer transparency now? Ya! Ya!"Obama's "transparency" was always a damned illusion, of course. People bought it b/c they wanted to. In truth, I can't think of a less transparent administration than this one, which keeps using that word as though it means something else.So, here's the latest:The Sunlight Foundation notes that, the website created by the Obama transition team in 2008, ceased to exist after June 8, … [Read more...]

Francis: A Big Brass Band of a Pope and Peter the Roman – UPDATED AGAIN

For years, I have been saying that each pope -- each iteration of Peter -- has his own style, which is why comparisons are always imperfect; a man's nature informs his outreach. John Paul II was a trained actor and his papacy was like a giant, dramatic, nation-shaking pipe organ that could not be ignored. The shy and introverted Pope Benedict XVI, on the other hand, was like a tinkling piano, inviting you to come in be quiet and find some stillness. And the energetic, extroverted Pope Francis? … [Read more...]