Two Luscious Female Voices

Saying really smart things!That would be Pat Gohn in her latest Among Women Podcast, where she makes a very loving and learned exposition of of Mary's visit to Elizabeth and what it teaches us, and then brings in her fellow Patheos Columnist, Happy Catholic's Julie Davis -- herself a golden-voiced podcaster of tireless energies, to discuss Julie's terrific book (it's on my desk as I write this) Happy Catholic; Glimpses of God in Everyday Life .They have a lot of fun reading quotes from the … [Read more...]

iPhone Confession; Verdicts Via NPR, Protestants

A few days ago I wrote about the new confession prep app developed by two priest and approved by the Bishop of Fort Wayne.While I thought the tool could be a terrific aid in the examination of conscience, I also worried that -- despite repeated declarations that the app did not constitute a confession, or dispense absolution, that it did not preclude the need to go to confession -- some would go through the app process and decide that, click, click, click, they had pretty much taken care of … [Read more...]

The Prayerful Podcasts

I haven't yet figured out where these will go in the blogroll, so, a site to bookmark, if you use these podcasts for your prayers:The Joyful MysteriesThe Sorrowful MysteriesThe Glorious MysteriesThe Luminous MysteriesCompline for 7 NightsLitany Sacred Heart JesusTreasury of Catholic PrayersWhy I Remain a CatholicMore on the Rosary:For Job-Seekers (and discussing that on CurrentsThe Crying Out of Prayer and GodCheating the Habit of Being … [Read more...]