It’s Norbertine Nun Wreaths, Gift Ideas Time!


My project today -- and I am sadly later to it than usual -- is to remind you that once again, the Norbertine Nuns of Tehachapi, California are taking orders for their incredibly fresh and long-lasting Christmas Wreaths (pdf)I can only tell you that I have bought these wreaths for the last couple of years and they outlast any wreath I've ever purchased from a retail outlet, or mail-order house. For the last two years we've left the wreaths up throughout January, until my husband … [Read more...]

Poor Clare Novices and Professions

sister chiara

I am internet fasting, and thought it a good time to do some nun news. Here are various Poor Clares in various monasteries being clothed in the habit or profession vows:Twice Sisters: At Our Lady of the Angels monastery, two sisters by blood become sisters in spirit - one clothed, one professed. Also, an earlier professionAt Saint Joseph's Monastery: a solemn professionCorpus Christi Monastery clothes a new novice.Bethlehem Monastery: Two new novices … [Read more...]

Poor Clares: "What a waste…"

bethlehem monastery

"What a waste..."You hear that from people, often, when they meet a handsome priest or a pretty nun, and even more often when they encounter monastic life. They either cannot believe that a life "apart" can be rich and meaningful or they believe (as one gent wrote me) that "women were made for bearing children and enriching the world through the family" and take issue with this sort of life - a life of prayer and separateness which has a long tradition in Christianity (predating … [Read more...]