The Vulgar Tongue

The editors of America Magazine have slipped on their shoulder pads and sharpened up their cleats in order to tackle runaway vulgarity among our youngsters:The veteran Catholic editor A. E. P. (Ed) Wall begins his Easter message: “Jesus Christ, whose name is heard in careless expletives by the vocabulary-challenged in TV and film, we know you as Eternal.” He’s on to something.The status of a language determines the status of a culture. And contemporary culture seems less capable of dealing wi … [Read more...]

Church of Geeks

WRITTEN BY MAX LINDENMAN:Poor Glen Lafantasie. The Civil War historian from Kentucky is freaking out over the sesquicentennial of the war's declaration. He fears it will trigger a nostalgic frenzy among the amateurs -- particularly the reenactors, who seem to him touched by the obsessiveness that’s made sci-fi and comic fanboys such an easy target for stand-up comedians:Civil War reenactors and buffs seem to have a far greater tolerance level than I do. They live and breathe the war r … [Read more...]