“Your Holiness, I want to be a priest of Christ!” – VIDEO UPDATE

Pope Francis, embraces, cries with Nathan/credit Radio FM Cancao

Okay, this made me weep, and I am no weeper. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jul 30, 2013 / 02:54 pm (CNA).- Nathan de Brito brought Pope Francis to tears during one of his motorcades through the streets of Rio de Janeiro on Friday, when he broke past barriers to deliver an important message to the Pontiff. “Your Holiness, I want to be a priest of Christ, a representative of Christ,” de Brito whispered in the ear of Pope Francis July 26, after jumping hurdles and making his way to the … [Read more...]

Like Nixon in China: Married Priest’s Credible Case for Celibacy

father longenecker with hawg

You know the saying, right? Only Nixon could go to China and be credible because no one would ever accuse him of being a secret communist? And perhaps only a married priest who has also been a celibate priest can give effective voice to the value of the disclipine in an age where, as Fr. Dwight Longenecker writes here, "everyone is expected to be copulating most of the time..." because no one would ever accuse him of being "sexually immature" or repressed or defensive on the matter. I … [Read more...]

Non capisco italiano! What did I say?

Chico and the man

Cardinals "Chito" Tagle and (further down) Timothy Dolan. Photosource: Catholic News Service I don't understand Italian! Che cosa ho detto? Last week I did a quick interview with Mattia Ferraresi for Il Foglio, and today you can you can find it, in Italian, here. My Italian is very poor -- I need to brush off my Rosetta Stone discs and give them a whirl before I leave for Rome later this week -- so I tried a machine translate of the thing, which was pretty ghastly! So, here, absent … [Read more...]

“I will not forget the lessons you have taught me…” – UPDATES


You all know I am not a sentimentalist. I'm always suspicious of emotionalism and of course, tough-as-nails, right? But I am human! And this video which Kevin Knight put up at New Advent got me all verklempt! It's just priests, saying thank you to Pope Benedict. But it's very moving. And with this sort of thing, that so few of us even knew about, it's like, "yeah...thank you for that, too!" UPDATE I: And a video of young people saying thank you, too! UPDATE II: Fresh off of … [Read more...]

Priest Videos and Problems of Recommendation

I have received probably three dozen emails over the past two days tipping me off to "a new priest video" or asking me to please post the video, or demanding to know why I have not yet posted it, as is my duty as a Catholic blogger. But I don't want to mischaracterize the emails. Most people are very nice, and they just want to make sure I am aware of this new video that advocates for the priesthood. Well, I am aware of it, but I haven't posted it here for a very simple reason. I don't … [Read more...]

Dallas: Better for Priests than for Kennedy?

Hey, gang. My name's Max Lindenman, and I'll be your Anchoress today. Elizabeth, your regularly scheduled Anchoress, is down for the count. I have taken it upon myself to play her Yiddishe mama, and beg her to see a doctor. She has promised she will. I told her, "Someday you should have an editor who gives you tsuris like you're giving me!" Anyway, moving right along... Teasing out all the implications of the Dallas Charter is going to take a lot longer than anyone would like. The terms … [Read more...]

Real Lessons from a Fake SEAL

A SEAL trident is the military equivalent of a diploma from Yale and a tap from Skull and Bones. It should come as no surprise that the occasional mediocrity claims, falsely, to have earned one. That some of these fakes happen to be clergymen also sounds like a fair enough proposition -- priests and preachers are supposed to have a gift for gab; who can predict where that gabbing might lead? But when a Christian Bible Fellowship pastor named Jim Moats told his tale of stolen valor -- which, … [Read more...]