The Lame Entering First

Today, on the Deacon's Bench, Deacon Greg Kandra shares the story of Christopher Klusman, a Milwaukee seminarian who is, in his own words, "Deaf with a capital D". From the oringal Catholic Herald article: I told children and other people that if you put your heart into it, you can be anybody you want to be, but for some weird reason, I saw that I could become anybody, any job except being a priest,” he said. That was until his UW-Madison college friends introduced him to Msgr. Glenn … [Read more...]

The Gates of Hell are Rattling…

My column at First Things this week looks at the aphorism that "those who can't do teach," and wonders what lessons have been learned from those bishops of ours who did not know how to do their jobs: If “those who can’t do teach,” then a few of our teacher-bishops imparted some profoundly important lessons to us over the past six weeks. The shocking story of Belgium’s Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, and his stomach-turning delusions about what constitutes love and “moments” between an … [Read more...]

Panis Angelicus & our Priests

Two must-reads for you this morning: start with Max Lindenman's intimate and fresh encounter with a bishop he was prepared to dislike, because our media-constructed bogeymen are almost as dear to us as our consciences, sometimes: The final scene in Dumas, père's Three Musketeers brings young D'Artagnan, the hero, face-to-face with Cardinal Richelieu, a man he judges a usurper of royal authority and (at several degrees' remove) a murderer. Within a few short paragraphs, the cardinal's … [Read more...]

No, EWTN is not airing Fr. Corapi – UPDATED

Via For reasons I will never understand, when it comes to this ongoing issue with Father John Corapi, my encouraging a "wait and see" attitude has translated (for some) as meaning "Mean Lizzie hates Fr. Corapi and cannot wait to see him destroyed, bwwwaaaahahahaha!" Which, as I have said before, is crap. But people believe what they want, and that's human nature, I guess. So, a couple of hours ago, I get one of those "you hate Fr. Corapi" emails out of the blue, this one from a woman named … [Read more...]

Corapi Story; Devil's Delight

Over at Deacon Greg's place, the raging, the speculation, the accusing, the snide remarks, the sneering, the hyperventilating, the name-calling, the condescension, the nasty challenges just go on and on and on. There is this whole "we call you part of an anti-Corapi conspiracy" thing going on there, and in my email, which is sad, and sick, and disheartening, and it must be throwing the devil into spasms of delight. I popped over to Deacon Greg's, because someone sent me an email of the … [Read more...]

EWTN Responds to Critics re Fr. Corapi

Photo credit: Patrick Novecosky If it's Friday, there must be something new to read about Father John Corapi! That does seem to be the truth of it, doesn't it? In a way, it's a shame. On these Fridays in Lent we should be turned away from the headlines and the news, looking at Christ and his passion. But then again, EWTN has come under a lot of fire recently, so this response is news. This is not the first time EWTN has felt the need to explain to its viewers why it has suspended the … [Read more...]

Santa Cruz Media on Fr. Corapi

It was not my intention to comment on this memo that was released by Santa Cruz media in defense of Fr. John Corapi. I was frankly happy to see passions abating from previous posts on the subject, and earlier in the week I had decided that, until something was "known" I would not post any further on Corapi. Then the memo was released on Friday, and I thought, "oh, blerg! Not more!" I really didn't want to open up another round of conjecture and speculation based on a memo that I thought raised … [Read more...]

Church is Holy; Scandals are of Man – UPDATED

Pat McNamara, whose column "In Ages Past" runs every Tuesday here at Patheos, has an interesting piece up today on Scandals and the Church; a question and answer from 1929: "Will you not admit that many of the leaders of your Church— her Popes, Bishops and priests— have been wicked men? How can you call such a Church holy?" The Church remains holy, no matter how many of her leaders prove faithless to the Gospel they preach, for these men are cut off from the Church’s life by their … [Read more...]

EWTN Explains about Corapi Programming UPDATED

Although EWTN had already made a statement announcing that it was pulling its Father Corapi programing until the matters concerning him are settled, the network must have gotten a lot of negative feedback from people who are hurting about the controversy and also -- I am sadly sure -- from people telling them what shameful, disloyal Catholics they are, and threatening to never contribute another dime to their operation, and so they've released a fuller statement: We are aware that many of our … [Read more...]

36 Hours after Corapi-Stormfall – UPDATES!

"God knows full well all that is happening and if Father Corapi is innocent as he claims, then perhaps the priest is being used as a poster child to fix a broken process. " -- Diane Korzeniewski, TeDeum Laudamus Blog Those are the sanest words yet written about this story, which is producing a lot of sound and fury in some quarters, signifying not-much, and producing little-to no light. I can't remember if it was a comment or an email but someone actually wrote these words: This man is … [Read more...]

Archbishop Dolan on CBS

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who shared with moving honesty the story of his encounter with an angry Catholic here will be featured tomorrow night on 60 minutes. Even though 60 minutes starts the same time as In the Arena (the real one, not Spitzer's) that's one episode I will be sure to watch. Asked if he feared the impact of the scandal would go on forever, Dolan replies, "In some ways, I don't want it to be over, because...this was such a crisis in the Catholic Church that in a way, we don't … [Read more...]

Fr. John Corapi Accused UPDATED

As near as I can tell, Deacon Greg Kandra has been the first to pick up this news off of Fr. John Corapi's site: On Ash Wednesday I learned that a former employee sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women. There seems to no longer be the need for a complaint to be deemed “credible” in order for Church authorities to pull the trigger on the Church’s procedure, which was in … [Read more...]

God and Tsunami, Priests and Subprime

Two perspectives I might not ordinarily put into one post, but both really deserve your attention and both are relevant to headlines, in their own way. First, apparently last night Glenn Beck opined (or, as someone said to me, "tiptoed") that the horrors we're seeing in Japan may be God telling us that we're bad. Theologian Tim Muldoon has a different -- and very thought-provoking -- take on Japan, natural disasters and end-times: What if tsunamis are a reminder that human beings really must … [Read more...]

Perpetual Adolescents in the Widening Gyre -UPDATED

I give you two rather different pieces, both sharing a common thread: the full-rein head we have given to all of our adolescent leanings. If the society has been dumbed-down -- and it has been -- it has also developed a case of arrested development, and both issues appear to stem from a generational and cultural mindset that has embraced the sensibilities and reason of 14 year-olds. Think about being 14, for a moment. When you are 14, you know everything, and you resent anyone saying you … [Read more...]