Sisters Rescuing Women from Sex Trades

MQHM Sisters

They are the Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries, and who looking at them could imagine that they have taken upon themselves -- as have so many great missionary sisters before them -- such difficult work, serving populations invisible to so many?Nuns reach out to sex workers in fight against prostitution in the Philippines:In a red-light district in Cebu, central Philippines, the taxi stopped when its passenger called out, “There, that girl,” pointing to one of the women standing in the … [Read more...]

Why Does Moral Absolutism Work (Some of the Time)?

written in stone

Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam recently had a very cordial exchange on the merits of legalising prostitution – so cordial, in fact, that they were accused of doing Twitter fights wrong.Salam was making a reluctant case based on harm reduction, which followed a familiar pattern: “people are going to buy sex anyway, and legalising it will make things safer for those selling sex.” Douthat, in defending the Swedish model (where selling sex is not criminalised, but buying is) made two arguments. Th … [Read more...]

Tales of Women, Sex and Salvation

shutterstock_2799678 human traffic

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.comTwo Patheos bloggers are talking seriously about women and sex today, both from very different perspectives, both worth reading.At Rebecca Hamilton's blog Public Catholic, she has turned her space over to a guest blogger willing to share a harrowing story of the realities of human trafficking:I moved to New Orleans in 1980 and lived there for several years. I managed a restaurant and hotel on the outskirts of the French Quarter, and continued the … [Read more...]