Grousing at God, Barking at Saints, and a Constant Renewal

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Not to keep talking about about me, me, me, but here I go:In my column at The Catholic Answer magazine, I relate a little of what a crank I become when I am stressed out:Recently, I began the day very badly.I opened my eyes and was immediately stressed about my life, largely because I am so recalcitrant and backward. Even before my feet hit the floor I was grousing at God and barking orders at the saints.Then I shuffled into my oratory, lit my candles, covered my head and … [Read more...]

When Hating Oneself, the World, and God Seems Like Right Reason


There are times when -- all too innocently, because we have not been mindful of what is before us -- we give too much license to a dead past that cannot be changed, and then we lose our handle on things. Like the Sorcerer's Apprentice, we conjure from the ether of our past a solitary-but-sharply-outlined idea, and then suddenly, one after another, memories begin to fall upon us, like bright orbs called from galaxies far beyond, and much better kept in the distance. Our disappointing families … [Read more...]