Obama’s Speech: Cynical Me and Cynical He – UPDATED

Obama speech

This afternoon, President Obama showed up before the White House Press Corp and talked about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. You can read the full text, here.I agree with much the president says. Racism is -- and always has been -- "a God-damned thing". As a nation we should be under no illusions that just because we're no longer in a Jim Crow era, that we are living on the Starship Enterprise where racism is a thing of the past. Profiling is real. African Americans (and for … [Read more...]

Race in America: See the Person First?


Over Easter, I chatted with someone who currently works for a network news outlet and naturally NBC New's epic editing fail, and the subsequent fallout came up. My companion, who has spent time in the editing booth, said he doubted the edit was accidental, and added, "We're forgetting our job -- it's only to inform."A press meant to inform, not inflame. What a concept!Our conversation spun all over the place, until someone at the table said, "if you think about it, all of our problems as … [Read more...]