“I. Am Not. A Hoo-er. I. Am Not. A Hoo-er…”


Pope Francis said he wanted us to make a mess.Golden Voiced Dan Sealana has built a whole radio show out of that idea and taken The Mess to the airwaves in San Antonio, Texas.He's smart, he's fun, he's a little puckish, which I liked when we settled into a chat a few days ago, and not just to talk about Strange Gods.Give a listen. Toward the finish, you'll discover what the header of this post is about, even though -- beyond the rest of it -- I really didn't mean to say that I would … [Read more...]

AUDIO: Talking Francis with Lopez, Grunow & Liaugminas


UPDATE: Audio hereAlong with Kathryn Jean Lopez and Word on Fire's Father Steve Grunow, I'll be chatting all things Francis and the Spadaro interview with Sheila Liaugminas of Relevant Radio's "A Closer Look", at 6PM Eastern.So, listen if if you can. I think she'll be taking questions at some point.Btw, if you need to download it, the Relevant Radio App is free and very good. … [Read more...]