St. Joseph’s Day Pastry!

Today is the feast of Saint Joseph, and there are lots of good pieces around, discussing the great husband of Mary and step-father of Jesus. There are a lot of Joseph's in New York. In our family we have Joe, Joseph, Joey, and so forth, and they're all gleefully awaiting supper, so they can enjoy Sfingi (pronounced sfINgy) for dessert!Basically, a Sfingi Di San Giuseppe is like a cannoli, but instead of a tubal cookie, the ricotta creme (or custard if you prefer) is served in a pâte à choux, … [Read more...]

Mexican Meat Loaf

A while back, I mentioned on twitter that I was making a "Mexican Meat Loaf" recipe of my own design.Requests for the recipe came fast and furious and some are still asking for it, three months later.The problem is, since it's just something I throw together, I really don't have measurements for you. But it's kind of wet and rainy over here, and a little cool -- good weather for meatloaf, so here goes:You'll notice the hard-boiled egg in the illustration above. My husband's mother always … [Read more...]