Benedict, Therese and "Ze little vay!"

I love this. I have needed St. Therese (and St. Catherine of Siena - another strong woman) all day today, and I loved hearing our Holy Father expound on the Little Way which is actually the way of powerful warriors who have become masters in the art of spiritual warfare because they have trusted with their whole hearts and thus been given the greatest of weapons: love, love, love."My vocation shall be love," said Therese! … [Read more...]

My lovely cheap wine glasses

That's a picture of our "last supper" in Rome - on the balcony, overlooking the Area Sacra, where Caesar was slain. Cheese, sweet plums, the fluffiest rosemary bread, wine and biscuits:After returning home, my husband and I tried very hard to hang on to as much of Italy as we could.I made ante pasta; we took walks; we ate more fruit! Every supper included a glass of wine and concluded with a cup of espresso...As winter came, the ante pasta and the walks went by-the-by, but we've … [Read more...]

"An Israelite Without Guile"

It has always seemed somehow fitting to me that the apostle Jesus called "An Israelite Without Guile" would suffer a martyrdom that involved being skinned alive. Whether one resolves to live without guile or is simply gifted with its absence, going through life without a bit of craftiness suggests walking around with a degree of naked self-revelation that can go beyond skin deep.So, it's not really surprising that Max Lindenman has chosen to call his new weekly column at Patheos, "An … [Read more...]

The Burdened Do Not Shrug

A little fun. Because I am missing Rome desperately, particularly as I look out my window and gaze upon the silvery sky that promises more snow tonight, I reposted my lovesong to Rome's Eternal Shrug:Amid the mod socialists, less politically-minded Romans observe the gathering from the shady comfort of a cafe awning; they drink frothy coffee and when asked what the Communists are demanding, they smile and shrug. "What does every crowd demand? Attention; a little money so they can do better … [Read more...]