Atomic Stupidity: Obama has all the Numbers! – UPDATE

In telling the GOP to use the Obama playbook, yesterday, did Mark Thiessen calculate poorly in his Washington Post piece? He's a very smart man, but I suspect he did:Thiessen’s recommendation makes a deadly miscalculation: He forgets that Obama’s single-minded pursuits are fully backed and protected by the mainstream press.Whether in print or broadcast, our increasingly lofty and elitist media are a little like the FDIC to Obama’s commercial bank; they provide insurance and coverage. They … [Read more...]

Separating Ego from Election – UPDATED


Our Year of Faith topics page, which is currently being sponsored by the Norbertine Nuns Capital Campaign, is featuring an usual piece for this election day, in that it is written by a Baptist, not a Catholic, a man who has been feeling fear and despair throughout this election season.November 4, the first Sunday of the month, was Communion Sunday, with Deacons assisting. Not me, yet. I'm a deacon-in-training, a process that takes a year. In any case, I'm supposed to be focused on the … [Read more...]

When Bibi Met Mitt… UPDATED

I don't know what happened when Bibi met Mitt.But a picture is worth a thousand words:Eye contact, warmth, no sending of a representative in his place with a promise to "call" later, and no jeering like 14 year olds.UPDATE: Obama's UN Ambassador skipped Bibi's speechRELATED: MSM fully deserves this smackdown … [Read more...]

LA Times Raises an Eyebrow at Ann Romney’s Horse?

Kerry Yacht

It is, of course, the usual mainstream media free-assist that should probably be considered a kind of campaign contribution: the LA Times, read by Hollywood folk who air-condition their garages while telling the little people to make sure they hang their laundry out to dry, today tries to help the Obama campaign's class warfare efforts by talking about Ann Romney's equestrian hobby, which both the headline and the very first paragraph of the Times' story points out, is "pricey."This is an … [Read more...]