The Madness of the Mainstream Media UPDATED

If Michael Kelly and Tim Russert were alive today, they would be sickened and appalled to see the shambling madness that has descended upon their profession, most particularly as it manifests in the obsessive and whirling mania regarding Sarah Palin.When it gets to the point that Jonathan Chait has to marvel at his instincts to defend Palin, that's a measure of their madness.Let's begin at the beginning: on January 8, a madman in Arizona, listening to nothing but his own head--there is not a … [Read more...]

Why Do they Hate Palin So?

The move from First Things has made old posts difficult to find in search engines right now. This is reposted by request from reader Mark S.; I found it via google cache, as July 2009 seems to be missing from my archives in the move.Jim Geraghty is trying to get to the bottom of the over-the-top hate the left feels for Sarah Palin, a hate that seems to intensified, rather than ebbed-away since the election.Well, some of that may simply be embarrassment. After all, she was supposed to be … [Read more...]