Do Catholics Overvalue Pomp and Ceremonials?

sealing papal apartments

Here we see the Camerlengo, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, sealing the papal apartments, because we currently have no pope. I saw someone on twitter comment that the sealing -- with the wax, as is traditional -- was all part and parcel of our church's "medieval" mindset, and it annoyed me, because it is a kneejerk (and false) bit of approved grousing, put on for show; or because the commenter is too lazy to actually think but wants to play to an audience (the curse of social media, to which we … [Read more...]

Talking Benedict, Sede Vacante and Conclave on the Radio


If you're able to listen, either on the radio or streaming on your computer, there will be what Mark Shea calls a "gaggle" of Patheos bloggers participating in a "roundtable" discussion of the day, from the Pope's final words to his empty seat to the conclave and our thoughts on it, such as they are. We'll be together on A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas at from 6-7 PM Eastern as she hosts Shea, Father Michael Duffy (yes, I know, he needs to write more) Kathy Schiffer, Tom McDonald … [Read more...]