How to Make Prudery Readable?

For my curtain call, I'd like to solicit thoughts on an essay that appeared several months ago in the Times. Critic Katie Roiphe argues that this generation of male novelist writes lousy sex toys. A bold previous generation, including Norman Mailer, Philip Roth and John Updike, regarded sex -- particularly transgressive sex, like adultery, hate-couplings and some liaisons that come dangerously close to rape -- as material deserving thoughtful explication. This new generation, including … [Read more...]

Dating, Si; Cohabiting, No?

WRITTEN BY MAX LINDENMAN:Yesterday, I was impressed to see so many readers celebrating the royal wedding as a validation of marriage. At First Things, Meghan Duke takes a slightly different approach: she sees it as a rebuke to the practice of permanent cohabitation:“It’s probably best that they live together before making a commitment,” one random fellow interviewed by the AP opined. According to anonymous “Royal commentators,” cohabiting on and off with his girlfriend has put Prince Wil … [Read more...]

No, Virtue is not impossible

Call it Virtue. Call it Chastity. Call it Continence.Whatever you want to call it, our society loves to tell us that it can't be lived, is weird to try, and an attraction to it probably means that you're all neurotic and hung-up, provincial and you know, like, so lame.In an era where city governments are celebrating the creation of iphone apps that can take you to your leader nearest free condom (because when sex is just a bodily function, free condoms are the answer to many questions) … [Read more...]