Let’s Go Shopping! Christmas Gift Ideas!

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A lot of you have been asking for this annual post, and it feels like I am much later with it than usual, but in looking at my archives it seems that with one glaring exception, I'm pretty much on schedule, so let's get to it.To start with, be aware that it's getting towards the deadline to order gifts made by monastic houses. It's already too late to order the wreaths, but I think you can still squeeze in candy, coffee and soap/creme orders. I just ordered these St. Nicholas Shea Butter … [Read more...]

Book Recommendations for Christmas! UPDATED

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Last week when I ranted about Black Friday and the absurd over-commercialization of Christmas, I wrote:"The littlest kids are getting gifts (small ones; hello chess sets!) -- and everyone else is getting homemade cookies or Monastic soaps, cremes and candies -- high-quality "things" that are quickly used and gone, and whose purchase helps sustain houses of prayer -- or books that can actually change people's lives by helping them to find a measure of true comfort and joy, those two genuine … [Read more...]