The Vets and First Responders of Team Rubicon Meet Sandy

Team Rubicon Sandy

Team Rubicon will win -- they're determined veterans, doctors and nurses and first responders and they still have that can-do American spirit. They're doing good for a lot of different people -- in a lot of different ways -- as this Vet explains in this moving video.Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you, all mil personnel, all vets, for your service.Meanwhile, the victims of Sandy are feeling utterly abandoned by government agencies unequal to the task of helping them and by utilities … [Read more...]

Help for Sandy Victims or a Footrace? Tough choice!


I get the argument. Some are saying the New York marathon should continue because it's a display of the city's indomitable spirit, "nothing can bring us down, yadda, yadda" -- and I'm not saying that message is a bad one, per se.But we have children being buried, and lots of people in need of everything -- clothing, shelter, food, fuel, consolation. In this case, I think one needs to weigh the need for food, generators and first responder resources and ask whether any of them should justly … [Read more...]