Can we Separate Tebow from his anti-Catholic father? – UPDATE

Tebow Sparta

As regular readers know, I am into baseball more than football, but outside of watching games and reading boxscores I pay almost no attention to the private lives of sports figures. I only very recently found out, for instance, that Derek Jeter is no longer engaged, or that Nick Swisher and his wife spent their honeymoon meeting with troops.Of Tim Tebow, I know almost nothing beyond this: he's a committed Christian that a lot of people don't like, either because he's a committed Christian … [Read more...]

Tebow, New York and Deacon Greg

I'm really glad Tim Tebow signed with the New York Jets; if he gets to play -- and I bet he will -- it's the premier stage. If you can make it there, and all that. If he plays well -- and I bet he will -- then he shuts up all his critics.Of course, this being New York, if he plays poorly, he'll hear about it from everyone; the fans at the stadium; the guy in the toll booth; the meter maids, the cab drivers and possibly the children. New York, as Derek Jeter reminded President Bush in 2001, … [Read more...]

The Gospel of Tebow? More Reads


Two Tebow pieces of interest to Tebow fans:First up, Joseph Bottum, who made a big hit with his Christmas-themed Amazon Single (a short ebook) Dakota Christmas, has published another one, this time on Tebow: The Gospel According to Tim:Believe in him, I mean: believe that he’s for real. The young man is drunk on charity, in the same way he’s drunk on the endorphins that race through his body during his strenuous daily workouts. In the same way he’s drunk on the excitement of winning a … [Read more...]

Reverend Dr. King, Joan of Arc, TEBOW?


Launching the new blog, today has kept me pretty busy, but I wanted to point your attention to two particularly good pieces on the portal, today -- both of them looking at heroes and faith and their effects on society.Citing The Holy Courage of Martin Luther King, Jr. Lisa Mladinich writes: He was radical in the best sense. He didn't just want to elbow the unworthy racist aside to take what was rightfully owed him or to declaim, deplore, and destroy.He didn't seek revenge. He sought … [Read more...]

Tebow on ABC This Week & Focus on Family Msg

After watching George Stephanopoulos do a less-than-stellar job of reining in his disdain during the recent ABC GOP debate (although at this point, I'm not exactly offended by hearing the contenders referred to as "characters") it doesn't surprise me at all to read that his Sunday morning show, This Morning, couldn't resist taking some "good-natured" potshots at their Evangelical viewers by digging on the Bronco's loss on Saturday. Writes Josh Feldman at Mediaite:Have we not reached a place … [Read more...]

Feeling Really Bad for Tebow, Now

I do feel bad for Tim Tebow. The guy just wants to play football and live his life of faith, and now he's got people assigning biblical or political meaning to his every move; he's got politicians bugging him for endorsements and -- even worse -- he's having bad 1980's music re-written to sing his praises (or, perhaps, simply get a bounce off his moment).I suspect Tebow does not want anyone singing his praises, only God's.Play the game You know I’m out there Down on one knee a p … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow: Luke 12:8 or 1 Thess 5:18?

I must admit, I got a mild kick out of this bit on the statistics of yesterday's Bronco game:It's surely all coincidence, but how many yards did Tebow throw for as he led the Denver Broncos to a 29-23 overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL's divisional playoffs on Sunday night?Answer: 316.And what did Tebow have on his eye black as he led the Florida Gators to victory in the 2009 national championship game three years ago to the day of his performance in Denver Sunday … [Read more...]

Tebow Thoughts in Time for the Weekend – UPDATES


Over at the landing page you'll see a new and thoughtful piece by Matt Emerson, who is plundering the depths and daring to wonder about how important it is to be who we are in the scheme of creation:Through self-examination, spiritual direction, faith, and even something as basic as trial and error, a person begins to see what about him-or-herself is fake or unreal or simply artificial, and also what is true, holy, and authentic: what is wanted for the sake of the world and what is wanted … [Read more...]

Why Tim Tebow Terrifies – UPDATED

Tim Tebow

Mentioned yesterday that my First Things post today would be joining in on the multitude of words being written about Tim Tebow. Patton Dodd has given a terrific overview of Tebow in WSJ and in his ebook, but I was interested in one small aspect of his phenomenon: how terrifying Tebow must be to those busy elites in politics and media who are so determinedly constructing the ungainly "profits-gained-outside-of-government-or-other-approved-venues-are-evil" narrative and the more subtle but … [Read more...]

Tebow Mania Grows and Patheos helps!

Honestly, he's everywhere I look. Is anyone in America being written about as much as Tebow is, today?Okay, confession time: I'm even writing about him, tomorrow in First Things!Kind of an irresistible subject, really.One piece about Tebow that has particularly strong legs was written by Patheos' own Patton Dodd, and featured in the Wall Street Journal:This combination of candid piety and improbable success on the field has made Mr. Tebow the most-discussed phenomenon of the … [Read more...]