God and the Machine at Patheos!


Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming Kathryn Jean Lopez and Tony Rossi and now we get to break out the beans and bourbon again, another author and editor-at-large (Games Magazine) who has something to say! I'm am very pleased to introduce you to Thomas L. McDonald, and to announce the launch of God and the Machine, a new blog exploring faith, technology and where things lean heavy or light!Tom's CV is exhausting and impressive. Aside from authoring three books, and overseeing … [Read more...]

Should I Want a Kindle? Updated

Y'all know me -- I am a technophobe and always behind on the gadgetry trends; I still don't have a smart phone and I only have an iPad because it was a gift. And now, the whole world seems to be abuzz (or, ablaze?) over the new Kindle Fire.So, naturally, that means I am finally wondering whether it's time for me to ask for a basic, no-frills Kindle or some sort of e-reader for Christmas?Are they worth it? Can one get over reading actual books? I hate reading books on the iPad, but is the … [Read more...]