Expressions of Thanks in Very Anxious Times

Thanksgiving Ramirez

Cartoon sourceDuring the summer, I had an idea that was meant to be relevant to this week. I wanted to ask all sort of writers to express in a couple of hundred words just who they were thankful for the formation of their faith -- not so much the famous people but the obscure ones, the people no one had ever heard of, perhaps long dead, whose names may not have been spoken in decades. It was an idea meant to demonstrate the power of one life influencing another and how all of that creates … [Read more...]

Food-No-Touchees; Defeated Again!

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Cake

Thanksgiving a Cake!Is there a formal name for this phobia some people have about the foods on their plate...touching?It is common to see children squirm and pout when a piece of meat overlaps on to their green beans. Kids seem to instinctively understand that beans go here and potatoes go there and never the twain shall meet.Some adults lose that wisdom, as they grow older and less attentive. I do not count myself among their number.I may not eat at their table, … [Read more...]