Pope Francis, Tony Palmer, an iPhone & the Holy Spirit

Tony Palmer and Pope Francis, image courtesy of Life Today

As I am still trying to finish a book, and also assist with a technical transition here at Patheos, I am pleased to present this ecumenically-minded post that focuses on the beginnings of the relationship between Pope Francis and the late Rev. Tony Palmer, and where the writer hopes it will lead. --ES Guest post by Sean J. Connolly It all started with an iPhone.On January 14, 2014, Tony Palmer, a charismatic bishop from a little-known Anglican communion, used his phone to … [Read more...]

Charismatic: The Pope and the Pentecostals are 45 Minutes of FASCINATING – Updated!

I had just finished watching this video, when Marcel LeJeune sent this post of his my way, calling the it "astounding."It's that and more.I will tell you this: I watched the whole thing, and was fascinated, and blown away, and -- hard as this might be to believe -- moved to copious tears.I have seen some Catholics on Facebook say they forward through the video, only watching the last 15 minutes or so, with Pope Francis. I heartily recommend that you don't do that -- that you, … [Read more...]