Triduum Arrives Just in Time for a World in Need


The world needs prayer.Last year, heading into the Triduum, I had a spiritual experience that stayed around. This year, I am thinking how fortunate we are -- in the midst of so much social and political chaos -- once again within the Easter Triduum, a time of great spiritual power.Let us pray together the Office of Vespers (Evening Prayer).And here are the liturgical prayers for Good FridayThings are about to get quiet around here, for a little while. Just until the time when … [Read more...]

Gethsemane at Penn Station

It is Holy Thursday, and that is a good thing. Even amid the controversial back-and-forths taking place over foot-washing and liturgy and women and the pope, I really, really need this Triduum.I. Personally. Me. And I'll tell you why.Something happened to me on Tuesday and nothing has been good or right since then.I went into Manhattan to address what I thought would be a group of Catholic communicators. Instead, I found myself talking, in a rather intimate setting, to a group of … [Read more...]