Tsunami; On Dignity and Suffering

Having just linked to a piece at Inside Catholic in the post below, I find myself linking yet again.In the wake of all these images, and the mind-numbing loss, suffering and dignity on display in Japan, IC editor Brian Saint-Paul just dropped me a note that they are reprinting a piece I wrote after the Christmas tsunami of 2004, which is still very relevant, and which I find difficult excerpt:When I was a little girl, our family knew a Frenchwoman. I don't recall her name, but I remember … [Read more...]

God and Tsunami, Priests and Subprime

Two perspectives I might not ordinarily put into one post, but both really deserve your attention and both are relevant to headlines, in their own way.First, apparently last night Glenn Beck opined (or, as someone said to me, "tiptoed") that the horrors we're seeing in Japan may be God telling us that we're bad. Theologian Tim Muldoon has a different -- and very thought-provoking -- take on Japan, natural disasters and end-times:What if tsunamis are a reminder that human beings really must … [Read more...]

Earthquake, Tsunami; half a world under siege – UPDATED

There is really nothing to say, but in this first Friday of Lent, a day of abstinence, let us offer up our prayers and sacrifices for the stricken nation of Japan and the people living in anxiety as the water moves...An astonishing photoEd Driscoll seems to have been up all night; he has the latestAce had a running thread going through the night.Town of Kurihara has been completely destroyed - estimated population there, around 77,000.Contemplating the number of lives which may be lost … [Read more...]