“Sisterhood” May be Reality-TV for Reality-TV Haters


Maybe.When it was announced that Lifetime network would be airing a "reality" series chronicling five young women as they "discerned" whether or not they have religious vocations, I was as skeptical as Diana von Glahn, who felt pure dread at the prospect.More than dreading, I was a bit repulsed by the very idea. Having experienced my own vocational discernment as long-looking -- a process both serious and slow, and full of challenges to my own self -- the notion that five women being … [Read more...]

Are Catholics Tiring of Apologizing to the Culture?

I think so. Joanne McPortland continues to say the stuff I want to say but so much better than I can say it:Conservative critics, especially of academia, have made much over the years of the Tyranny of Tolerance, the ways in which thoughtful exchange among those who differ is purposely derailed by accusations of privilege and claims of victim status, examined for evidence of political incorrectness with a scrupulosity usually reserved for clerks of the Spanish Inquisition. I am not a … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Folk Music, Crusades and Columns


Last night, my husband got home from an outing and watched The Descendents, starring George Clooney. Not really a Clooney fan, but he was very good, and the movie was engrossing. Hubby and I both wished that some religious perspective might have been introduced, but then that would have made it a completely different movie, so -- it is what it is. The reason I'm mentioning it at all, though is because we both commented, almost at precisely the same moment, that we were really enjoying the … [Read more...]

“I don’t have to think; Hollywood does it for me!”


And here is what Hollywood tells me to think: Catholics who take their church seriously are foolish, hypocritical and failures in love.Normally, since there is a movie trailer involved, I'd just send you over toward the Deacon's place, to watch it, but since I have something to say, I'll post it here:By the way, we often are foolish, hypocritical and failures in love but that's part of the human condition and nothing exclusive to Catholics.Knowing nothing about this film beyond … [Read more...]

Dick Clark Dies: Cue Boomer Nostalgia

My elder siblings are all much older than I, and they grew up with Dick Clark. There is a famous family story about a squabble that developed between my sister -- who came home from school ready to dance to American Bandstand -- and one of my brothers who probably wanted to watch cartoons. The donnybrook apparently involved black eyes and clothes being thrown out a second story bedroom window.Good times, good times!I'm sure my sister will be thinking about that today as she ponders the … [Read more...]

Springsteen, Sex Strikes and Shut Up, Stupids!


I have doctors appointments all afternoon, so let's just do a quick lookaround:Springsteen's Phoniness finally clear: I've never bought his "working man" schtick, and his mot recent "big" songs have been lazy three-note drone-fests (Philadelphia, Secret Garden). Now the botoxed, hair-weaved, fake "everyman" who summers in the Hamptons (where his children showcase their equestrianism) is writing some pretty irresponsible lyrics that appear to advocate violence against the fatcats and bankers … [Read more...]

Wyoming Catholic: A Most Unusual College

wyoming college is different

Wyoming Catholic College likes to conduct some of its classes in the great outdoors. In Wyoming.And it seems to be exactly the sort of row-against-the-tide school I would have loved to have sent my kids to, if they were at that point in their lives.The school is making a huge commitment to bringing Latin back to life, as students read and discuss classical and Christian authors entirely in Latin:While Patrick Owens, a Latin instructor at Wyoming Catholic College, climbed to the … [Read more...]

What do you think is the best pop song ever?

A few folks registered surprise that I am a fan of Sly and the Family Stone. Well, you can blame Glenn Reynolds for my running Sly -- he slapped the band up on his Facebook page, first -- but the truth is I've always been a fan of funk. Really, who isn't? All you squares, go out!The other day I pulled up to the house with windows open and the CD player blasting "I Want You Back" by the Jackson Five. It was blasting because I am over 50 and losing my hearing, but also because I can't … [Read more...]

Audi: Worst Christmas Commercial Ever?

The annoying Christmas commercials began way too early this year, and repeated viewings have already blurred their edges, but there is one commercial in particular that fries my beans every time it comes on -- the Audi commercial featuring baby-boomer parents making their opulent house ready for a visit from their grown son. The mother is dressing the table; the father is hanging the son's stocking on the mantel. And when the son pulls up to the house...they don't even greet him; they rush out … [Read more...]