NRO’s Summer Reading List


NRO's annual Summer Reading List is up and you can find my suggestions on page 6 of this long, excellent list.Some of you may be surprised to note that I did not include Sigrid Undset's Stages on the Road among my suggestions, but since I wrote the foreword to it, I guess I felt like suggesting it might be too self-promoting. I did notice that I was the only woman participating, but perhaps many more were invited and scheduling/busyness prevented others from making recommendations.The … [Read more...]

The Timely Reissue of Sigrid Undset’s Bios

I mentioned this book briefly in this round-up of great reads from last month, but today's column at First Things tells you why Ave Maria Press' reissue of Sigrid Undset's Stages on the Road is so very relevant, and why Undset can speak effectively to our age:Raised by progressively-minded atheists, Undset realized while still a teenager that ideologies and their accompanying “isms” gave inadequate measures of the world and humanity, always narrowing truth precisely at the point where what i … [Read more...]