Obama’s 8.1% Funhouse Mirror!

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Do you know anyone who has been seeking work in the last several months, and has suddenly found openings?Since hardly any jobs were added to the economy in April, your answer is probably "no." I know mine is.And yet, the headlines are blaring that unemployment is down to 8.1%!So, no jobs to speak of are being added, in fact -- as Ed Morrissey notes here, our total employment level actually fell by 169K -- and yet the unemployment numbers sound encouraging!Welcome to the … [Read more...]

The Harrowing Job Market

Over at Instapundit Glenn Reynolds writes:YA THINK? Higher Education: The Next Asset Bubble? “45 percent of college graduates earn less than $15,000.” Can this be true?Yes it can be true! My son is 25, graduated from a well-respected school, has additional certifications in a variety of areas and is a well-read autodidact to boot. He is currently working at what he hopes will be a temporary job where -- even with "overtime" -- he took home a whopping $1,000 last month. Real unemployment num … [Read more...]