Drone-killing without Due Process, and Obama and Ayers – UPDATED AGAIN


Ed Morrissey links here to one of the most chilling things I've heard in ages:Worth watching in its entirety, as Joe Scarborough pings the consequences of the drone-strike memo back and forth with Michael Isikoff, but the best reactions take place near the beginning of the video. Isikoff points out that the restrictive language in the memo is almost meaningless, and that it shifts the burden of proof to the target rather than the government. Scarborough calls this “frightening,” and argues th … [Read more...]

Detaining Citizens and Shutting Down Free Speech

american lockup

(photo source)So, as we approach the end of 2011 and enter full-force into the tumult of another election year, just a show of hands, here. How many are starting to believe -- like the lady in the next chair in my hair salon -- that "there's not gonna be another election: this maniac is going to declare a state of emergency and stay in power forever."Which if I recall, was pretty much what the left was warning about George W. Bush, at around this time, in 2007. (Just google "Bush" and … [Read more...]

The Towers in Korea: What Humanity? – UPDATED

Korea Towers Preview

I saw this yesterday and wondered if it was a hoax:The designers of the towers, Dutch architectural firm MVRDV, have responded to the controversy by quickly publishing an apology in English. “It was not our intention to create an image resembling the attacks,” the designers insist, “nor did we see the resemblance during the design process.”They did not see the resemblance during the design process? The problem with this assertion – apart from its inherent implausibility – is that they hav … [Read more...]

“Fast & Furious” and “H.R. 1540″ Ideology breeds Incuriosity? UPDATED

H.R. 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, has already passed the House, and is currently before the Senate. One section of the bill gives the President the authority to detain indefinitely American citizens, picked up on American soil, because they are allegedly supporting the enemy (H/T)Imagine Jane Fonda coming home after posing on enemy anti-aircraft weapons, with this sort of law in place. Some might like it, but I suspect , even those who dislike Fonda, … [Read more...]

Prayers for Norway – UPDATED

(photosource)A day of terrible stories out of Norway:20.46 Oslo's mayor Fabian Stang said that the capital was struggling to come to terms with the idea that it had joined the list of cities targeted by bombers. "Today we think about those people living in New York and London who have experienced this kind of thing," he told Sky News. Living without any sympathy for other people, for me, it's impossible to understand. "I do not think it is possible for us to understand what has happened … [Read more...]

Osama bin Laden & Obama – UPDATED

As I was in Rome when the story of bin Laden's killing broke, I was rather glad to be too busy to really process it. Justice is satisfying, to an extent, but I tended to take the view so well-expressed by the Vatican, and many others, that the cheering in the streets over a human death is perhaps not appropriate or what we want to become.Should the White House show the pictures of the dead bin Laden? I'm of two minds. Mussolini was shown in death, so why not bin Laden? I am not feeling … [Read more...]

Military Religious Freedom A-Ok for Druids, "Meh" for Catholics

Plundering the Deacon's Bench, again...The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the Air Force Academy is now accommodating its Wiccan and Druid cadets with their own chapel:Add Wiccans and Druids to the list of faiths that have their own chapel at the Air Force Academy.A circle of stones around an altar was dedicated on a hilltop above the campus Tuesday with earth-centered prayer and speeches about religious liberty at the academy, a school that has long faced criticism as a bastion for … [Read more...]

A Failed Voyeur to War

This is a silly story about a sad story.In January of 2005, American troops opened fire on a car that turned out to be carrying an Iraqi family. Both parents were killed outright, the sons was badly injured. Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros snapped an image of the daughter standing in the blood spatter. Half-blanketed by darkness, she is reduced to pairs of tiny feet and hands, and a wide-open, screaming mouth.The New York Times has tracked the girl down. In "Face That Screamed … [Read more...]

Drawing A Veil over A Villain

In The Four Stages of Cruelty, William Hogarth depicts the body of Tom Nero, a fictitious murderer, being dissected during an anatomy class. From the ceiling hang the skeletons of Burke and Hare, the infamous grave-robbers. Tom Nero might never have existed, but the fate of his mortal remains was entirely plausible: in 1752, the British Parliament had passed a law, permitting the authorities to donate the bodies of executed criminals, as it were, to science.Hogarth was preaching a homily in … [Read more...]

Down with Reaction Nazis

Shortly after 9/11, Adam Gopnik published an essay in the New Yorker titled "The City and the Pillars." In it, he strolls the streets of New York in the days immediately after the attacks, noting the reactions of the man on the street, as well as his own sensory impressions. Of the smell wafting from the fallen towers, he writes:The smell, which fills the empty streets of SoHo from Houston to Canal, blew uptown on Wednesday night, and is not entirely horrible from a reasonable distance -- … [Read more...]