A World Without Bin Laden

What's it going to look like? More to the point, what's in it for us? How much safer can we expect to be?In Slate, David Byman sounds a note of cautious optimism. Without bin Laden's "star power" to help in raising funds, al-Qaeda and its affiliates will suffer a significant hit in the finance department. Also, bin Laden's heir -- most likey Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri -- will find consolidating support difficult, given the risks involved in communicating. However, he also warns that we still … [Read more...]

When Gloating isn't Gloating

Ever since Osama bin Laden's death became generally known, the country's mood has felt like spring break for grown-ups. In front of the White House, at Ground Zero, at the Phillies-Mets game, people were celiebrating. Strangers were hugging. In the long run, it might not turn out to be one of those events for which everyone recalls his wherabouts, but then, it might. (For the record, I was fast asleep.)But then, the Vatican weighed in. Speaking as the Church's official voice, Fr. … [Read more...]