Coakley – Warren Candidacies Speak Poorly of MA Dems – UPDATED

This article is calling Elizabeth Warren's senate run against Scott Brown a wreck, and I'm pretty sure that's an accurate take. She really is an awful candidate.What's most interesting to me about her candidacy, though, is how thoroughly it demonstrates the disdain that the Democrat leadership in Massachusetts has for its own party members outside of the Ivy Class.For the second election in a row, Massachusetts Dems have been so sloppily careless about who should fill "Ted Kennedy's … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren: Southie in her Heart! UPDATED!


Holy Smokes, but what a staggering fraud Elizabeth Warren is. I am almost embarrassed for her, and it's probably good that someone is embarrassed for her, since she seems incapable of feeling it for herself:Last week, news broke that Harvard Law had cited Warren as a minority hire — a Native American — when it was under criticism for lack of faculty diversity in 1996. Asked Friday for proof of her Indian ancestry, Warren’s said it’s part of her family “lore.”She also said she couldn’t “r … [Read more...]