It’s October: Do you know where your Rosary beads are?


About 20 hours from the time of this writing, The Year of Faith will be officially launched from Rome!Here at Patheos, we have something special planned -- and a Facebook page to keep you up-to-date on everything new, but more about that later.For now, a quick question: Do you know where your Rosary Beads are?Deacon Greg wants to know;I still have my first set. Do you?It was given to me as a first communion gift: simple black beads with a plain plastic cross. They're … [Read more...]

Plenary Indulgence for Year of Faith? What IS That?


Yeah, I know, indulgences have gotten a bad rap, thanks to past-abuse in our history, and myths do abound, but an indulgence is a good thing, and something that helps Catholics pursue active devotions and grow in understanding and piety. I'm really happy to read that the Vatican has decreed a plenary indugence for the Year of Faith:During the whole span of the Year of Faith, proclaimed from October 11, 2012 to the whole of November 24, 2013, all individual faithful truly repentant, duly … [Read more...]

A “Year of Faith”, Whatzat?

year of faith

Am I the only one who sees Don Bosco's dream represented in that logo?I have a deep feeling of excitement about the upcoming "Year of Faith" which Pope Benedict has declared for 2012-2013, and which begins on October 11. Our good pope has proven himself to be a savvy fellow who is very much aware of the times, and I think this year of faith is going to be something we at Patheos will be talking about a great deal. I've already more or less started with this piece.Pat Gohn, however, has a … [Read more...]