Jewish Community: Black Lives Matter No Matter What

I’m going to take a break from my gleeful Trump posts to deal with an important issue that is coming up in the Jewish world. I apologize for the length, but I think this controversy demands a thoughtful response.In case you missed it, the release of The Movement for Black Lives’ new platform, Vision for Black Lives, has raised the ire of many in the organized Jewish community.Organizations ranging from the institutional (Boston Jewish Community Relations Council) to the progressive act … [Read more...]

What Scares Trump? Black Votes Matter

Whiny little brat Trump mocked a woman with a crying baby at his rally yesterday for thinking he was serious when he first said that her baby wasn’t bothering him.I guess the crying baby was just too much competition for his own infantile behavior. Frankly, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between Trump and a shrieking toddler.Today’s whaa-whaa-whaa is all about how the election is going to be rigged and stolen from him. I loved the Washington Post’s web headline: “For Trump, a … [Read more...]

With Trump, Nothing Is “Too Far”

Everywhere that I turn, the media are asking, “Did Trump go too far with his attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan?” as if this is the first time that he’s “gone too far.”What is “too far” with Trump, anyway? Is it supposed to be the point at which somebody in the Republican leadership demonstrates a modicum of human decency by abandoning party tribalism and finally renouncing him?Is that the definition of “too far?”If that’s the case, then we’ve already got our answer. There is no “too fa … [Read more...]

Misogynists Threaten the Life of a 5-Year Old

Yes, you read that correctly. One of my feminist heroes, Jessica Valenti, has suspended her social media after being on the receiving end of endless hatred and death threats. Some of those were directed at her 5-year old daughter.You can read more about it at this link.Ms. Valenti was the recipient of the American Humanist Association's Humanist Heroine Award in 2014. I was honored to meet her. I hope that Humanists everywhere will rush to her defense. Write to Twitter. Face down these … [Read more...]

Don’t Like Hillary? How Does “Trump Administration” Sound?

So you don’t like Hillary? She’s too “crooked” for you? The Donald’s tabloidian designation of her has taken root in your mind and heart?Well, the only “crookedness” I’ve seen with her is an understandable excess of caution with regard to her privacy leading to the email server issue. Otherwise I’ve seen a woman in public service all of her life. I’ve seen a politician who basically shares most of my values and has made decisions that I agreed with, decisions I disagreed with, and decisions I … [Read more...]

The Atrocity in Orlando

Here is the message that I sent out yesterday to my own community:Today our country experienced what President Obama has called "an act of terror and an act of hate."In the days and weeks ahead we will struggle to come to terms with yet another mass shooting, this one the worst in our nation's history. We will hear calls for prayers and for gun legislation. We will argue about religious fanaticism and immigration and security. Many people will call the shooter "crazy" or otherwise … [Read more...]

Republican Jewish Coalition Is Spineless

My previous post about Trump raised the hackles of a couple of members of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). They were upset that I dared to compare Trump to Hitler.For the record, I did not compare Trump to Hitler. I did call him the the führer. But that's just the German word for leader.What I actually did point out was that there is no shortage of unrepentant Jew-haters pulling for Trump. And I asked Jewish Trump supporters if they weren't just a wee bit concerned that they were ge … [Read more...]

What Do Sheldon Adelson, Stormfront, the KKK, and Louis Farrakhan Have in Common?

I have to say that I’m beginning to understand why evangelical ministers protest about their 501(c)(3) restrictions on speaking up about candidates at official functions or in their publications.I’m feeling their frustration as I am muzzled by the same rules at my Secular Humanistic Jewish congregation at a time when I really want to speak up about Donald Trump. I guess I’ll just have to do what everyone else does and blog about it.Today I want to talk to any Jewish Republicans who might … [Read more...]

Support Target Stores’ Inclusivity!

As some of you know, Target stores have taken a stance in support of transgender people. The American Family Association (a far right extremist religious hate group) has started a boycott that has attracted hundreds of thousands of supporters. I've started a petition in support of Target. Please consider going to this link to sign my petition against the boycott of Target! … [Read more...]

Why I’m Still a Zionist

(Update: Since the original publication of this post, it has been repeatedly pointed out to me that what I've said here does not qualify me as a Zionist. I think I constructed a good argument for why I am a kind of Zionist, but those who disagree have told me—some of them in no uncertain terms—that what I've described here is better described as post-Zionism. I actually don't care what it's called. I stand by what I wrote.)With the publication of my previous post (My Crisis of Zionism), I hav … [Read more...]