Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho…Onto The Ark We Go!

I just took a few days off to go to Walt Disney World with my daughter and we had a great time.Speaking of Fantasyland, there is another legend that’s getting its own theme park, but this time it’s in Kentucky and called “Ark Encounter.”  It’s a production of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis, the people who brought you the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. … [Read more...]

Reasonable Religion

Am I anti-religious?Many atheists are proudly so.  They see all religion as dangerous and harmful and they seek its eradication.  That’s not my emphasis.  In fact, I generally view liberal religion as my ally.  (I'm what the other atheists call an accomodationist.)In my profile (over there on the right) I state this:I believe in the centrality of ceremony and ritual in human life, but I also believe that it must be de-coupled from the supernatural. I believe that the scientific method i … [Read more...]

And Ignoramuses Give Birth To Ignoramuses

Here’s a picture from a protest set up in Manhattan yesterday (from FailedMessiah.com). Typical of most creationists, this scientific illiterate does not have a clue about what the theory of evolution teaches:I have no idea what life on other planets has to do with Rosh Hashana. … [Read more...]

Shmuley Boteach Doesn’t Understand Evolution

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is an aggressively self-promoting rabbi to the stars.  Now he’s coming out with a book about evolution being a religion.  Or something like that.  In his blog for HuffPost a few months back, he criticized the idea of what he called “atheist chaplains” for the military.  Not once did he give any recognition to the fact that what people are asking for are Humanist chaplains.  He makes a big stink about the “Church of Evolution” and atheism being a religion.  No, Shmuley, athei … [Read more...]

Tennessee Forgets Scopes, Passes ID Bill

At least one state legislature has managed to push through a law designed by proponents of intelligent design and creationism.Tennessee, where the debate should have been settled almost a century ago, has passed a bill (so far only in their House of Representatives) to promote “critical thinking” about scientific theories that can “cause controversy.”  I’ve written about this before. … [Read more...]

Critical Creationist Crapola

I was wondering how long it was going to take for my home state Florida legislators to get around to slipping some creationism or intelligent design into the curriculum.  They’re trying the latest technique of arguing that they’re just looking to teach critical thinking.This is an hysterical idea when it comes from these anti-science zealots.  I don’t think they actually understand what critical thinking means.  I believe their definition would be something like “being critical about things y … [Read more...]

Micro-Evolution IS Macro-Evolution

One of the weirder things I’ve heard in claims by creationists of one stripe or the other is that micro-evolution does occur, but not macro-evolution.  They seem to think that the theory of biological evolution teaches that ape-like creatures turned into people instantaneously or over a handful of generations.  It’s the whole Crocoduck argument. … [Read more...]

It’s Carnival Time Again

It’s a new month so it’s time for the Carnival of Evolution.In case it’s new to you, the Carnival of Evolution is an aggregation of links to interesting stories about biological evolution from around the blogosphere.  It’s hosted by a different science oriented site each month. … [Read more...]

Creationists Evolve Before Our Very Eyes!

Well here’s proof that creationists themselves do know something about evolution.  Right before our very eyes they are evolving their own slimy methods to get their religious teaching back into science classrooms.Never mind the fact that 60% of American science teachers are already avoiding the subject of biological evolution.  That’s not enough for these cavemen.  The Dover case killed “intelligent design” as the wedge for creationism.  So their new tactic, detailed quite well by Laura Lebo … [Read more...]

Belated Happy Darwin Day

Sorry for my absence of late.  It’s difficult to keep up daily posts when so many other responsibilities are at hand.  Plus I got a new Kindle so I was wasting a lot of time loading it up with stuff.  Boys and their toys and all that....This past weekend we celebrated Darwin and Aish Ha-Torah, the home of the Orthodox kiruv (outreach) specialists, responded with an extended excerpt by Rabbi Moshe Averick from his book, Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused and Illusory World of the Atheist. … [Read more...]