Blame It On The Rain

Given the state of the economy and job market, we should perhaps begin to ready ourselves for President Rick Perry.  I don’t know whether he’ll win or not, but if he does we can rest assured that our country will be in the hands of God.  This is because not only is Perry a good evangelical Christian, he has also been the recipient of supernatural guideposts throughout his life.Here, courtesy of, you can hear for yourself about one of the great supernatural miracles that led … [Read more...]

Today Is Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!I have always felt an affinity for Canada.  I’ve enjoyed some wonderful vacation time there and found the place warm (metaphorically) and welcoming.  It’s also a beautiful country with much to see and do. … [Read more...]

Wake Up! It’s Tefillin Time!

Say what you will about my critiques (sounds better than “attacks”) on the Haredim, even I wasn’t dumb enough to be sucked in by the tales of the dog stoning in Jerusalem.That gives me leave to report on the truly silly reports that come to me over the transom all day long.  Take, for example, this report from the Jerusalem Post: … [Read more...]


Every time a celebrity or athlete thanks God for her or his achievements, I wonder if they blame him for their failures.  Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson certainly does.  He dropped an easy game-winning pass on Sunday and later tweeted:I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO...Insert your own joke here. … [Read more...]

Telling The Homophobes What To Do With It … In Song!

I had not realized that Lily Allen had already performed and recorded the perfect retort to Rabbi Abergil (see below) and all his many little tiny-minded fellow homophobes.  It won’t get much radio play because the title is...well it’s one of George Carlin’s words. … [Read more...]

Maybe He Works At Yale Community College

Rabbi Shmully Hecht is the advisor to the Chabad-sponsored Yale Eliezer Society.  He is also a blogger at the Washington Post’s On Faith site where he wrote about the criticism that was supposedly leveled at Israel for missing the president’s UN speech because it was the first day of Sukkot.  Hecht doesn’t bother to properly cite or link to any of this flood of criticism, except for Jon Stewart: The Daily Show host Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Leibowitz) recently revealed to great laughs that the … [Read more...]