Kabbalistic Woo-Hoo For A Monday Afternoon

Oh HuffPost Religion Page, what would I do without you?  On days when I’m feeling neither sufficiently cantankerous nor inspired enough to write a post, I just turn to your pages of crapalicious silliness and I find something to write about.Today’s gift came from Levi Ben-Shmuel, economic developer, singer-songwriter, Tai Chi practitioner and Kabbalist extraordinaire.  As he considers what happens to patients during open heart surgery, he teaches us that: … [Read more...]

Shermer Vs. Chopra, Round Two

On the same day that I posted my modest comments about Michael Shermer vs. Deepak Chopra, Shermer put an hysterical and informative piece on Skeptiblog.  Here’s a priceless example comparing the traditional deity to the new one that Chopra is concocting:God 1.0 God 2.0omnipresent fully man/fully God miracles leap of faith transubstantiation Council of Rome supernatural forces heaven hell eternity prayer the Godhead the Trinity forgiveness of sin virgin birth resurrection n … [Read more...]

Deepak Chopra’s Quantum God

I had a really busy day, so of course I spent my free hours tonight trying to understand the goofiness that is Deepak Chopra.  I was never really interested in him too much before, but he’s been writing about Stephen Hawking’s new book so I thought I’d give him a read.  He wrote two long, long articles about the book and I started with part two.  I had to read it three times before I even understood what the hell he was talking about.  Here’s one of the more clear passages:  In modern quantum t … [Read more...]