The Outcast Of Beauregard Parish

When a rabbi decides that she or he is a nontheist there is a warm, accepting professional home.  When the same thing happens to a preacher - and most especially a Pentecostal preacher - well, the option to stay in the career track are considerably reduced (eliminated).Jerry DeWitt is a brave ex-preacher who came out as an atheist in Louisiana.  His story is the subject of a documentary that is in the works and you can be a part of making it happen.  The filmmakers have launched a Ki … [Read more...]

De Botton’s Religion For Atheists – A Review

Most humanists and other non-theists share a world view in most respects.  Overblown as it is, the main bone of contention in this community seems to be about how much respect - if any - should be shown for religion’s role in history and society.Alain de Botton is one of those atheists who holds religious culture in high regard.  He has just written a book called Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion in which he suggests that non-believers have most of the same … [Read more...]

Warning! This Religion Will Require A God Upgrade!

Here’s a book review I’ve been working on.  The post is a little longer than usual....Rabbi Jamie S. Korngold has written a book called “The God Upgrade: Finding Your 21st-Century Spirituality in Judaism’s 5,000-Year-Old Tradition.”  Korngold, who is also known as  “The Adventure Rabbi,” puts forth a theology of a non-interventionist God who is basically just an experience, and certainly not a being of any kind.  In this she is typical of many of the liberal rabbis whom I know.  They do not b … [Read more...]

Good Pointers For Advancing The Non-Theistic Message

I’m not the type to give tips to my fellow non-theists and secular humanists.  We all share about 99% of our intellectual DNA even if our styles are different.  So while I wouldn’t have written something like it, I really want to recommend Phil Zuckerman’s post in (GASP!) the Huffington Post about the mistakes that atheists make.The wise professor enumerates them, adding some good suggestions; they are pointers that I will definitely keep in mind (and they fit my approach): … [Read more...]

Not Quite Wrestling With God

Last night I participated in a program for a local Reform temple’s youth group called “Sumo Wrestling with God.”  I will alway have a fondness for this congregation because I grew up there.  I was, nonetheless, a little flabbergasted that they invited me to sit on the panel.  I was also greatly impressed.In the tradition of all gargantuan suburban Reform temples worthy of the name, this one boasts four or five rabbis.  Three of them were there. … [Read more...]

Post-Theistic Religion©

Another non-theistic reinterpretation of religion has been published by a fellow named Bo Bennett.  According to various web sources, he’s a young self-made millionaire.  His book is The Concept: Introduction to Christian Nontheism.  From the publisher: … [Read more...]

Church Of England Declares War On New Atheism

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has given his backing to  a draft report calling upon clergy to take on the new atheists:Clergy are to be urged to be more vocal in countering the arguments put forward by a more hard-line group of atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who have campaigned for a less tolerant attitude towards religion.What scares them so much about the new, more vocal arguments of the new atheists?  They fear loss of power.  Yes, even the Church of E … [Read more...]

What Should Replace Religion? Daniel Dennett Knows!

Daniel Dennett spoke at the Canadian Humanist Convention in Montreal on October 2, 2010 about what should replace religion.  Here are a few highlights (from the summary at Cobourg Atheist):...[W]e don't want to retain the bad things of religion.  We don't want the guilt; we don't want the superstition and glorification of irrationality and we don't want the hatred and xenophobia nor the systematic hypocrisy.  But it would be good to get some of the good things that come from religion.”Dan lis … [Read more...]